With the iPhone, users have “the internet in their pocket.” Going online is convenient and easy. Here’s the catch: they’re viewing the full-sized internet on a pint-sized screen. Most websites were not designed to be iPhone friendly, and essential business information like phone numbers and e-mails can be hard to access.

Your Website, Optimized for Business on the Go

We put you at your customer’s fingertips! iPhone owners are movers and shakers: they’re on the go and don’t have time to fumble and scroll for information they need. If you have a hard-to-navigate site, they’ll probably do business elsewhere.

At Analogue Web Design, we can create a special version of your website formatted for the iPhone’s screen and designed so visitors can take immediate action. Our iPhone optimized websites are effortless to navigate, have buttons big enough for the nubbiest of fingers, and work seamlessly with Apple’s operating system. With the tap of a finger, a client can do business with you.

Examples… Before and After

www.BataliAssociates.com, Before and Afterwww.VitalMX.com, Before and Afterwww.LisaWilliamsAssociates.com, Before and Afterwww.VitalBMX.com, Before and Afterwww.Mobile-Pack.com, Before and Afterwww.ThinkerExtraordinaire.com, Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iPhone optimized website?

While an iPhone optimized website can be a number of things, it’s basically a website designed and programmed to work seamlessly on the iPhone. In addition, optimized sites take advantage of iPhone’s unique user interface: visitors can e-mail or call businesses without ever leaving the site they’re visiting.

How do you make my website iPhone compatible?

At Analogue Web Design, we want you to have the right solution for your business. Before we start anything, we have a chat and decide what features, content, and functionality to incorporate from your existing site. We also determine whether or not an iPhone optimized site is a good fit for your business.

Without getting too technical, we create a special version of your site specifically for the iPhone. We take full advantage of the phone’s user offerings and applications, making it easy for your visitors to navigate your site and interact with you. The result? Your visitors have an enjoyable internet experience and you create a positive impression.

Why does my website need to be optimized for the iPhone, doesn’t it appear like it should?

The beauty of accessing the internet through an iPhone is that it’s like going online through your desktop or laptop computer: the internet in its full glory.

Here’s the catch: you’re viewing the world wide web through a much smaller screen. Most websites are designed to display information on an average, full-sized computer, and as a result do not translate well to the iPhone. Much of your site may be hard to read, requiring your visitor to zoom and scroll to view your information. Links may be too small to touch, making it difficult for users to navigate your site or contact you.

A site that’s optimized for the iPhone is easy to use without sacrificing your brand identity and essential information.

Are there any other problems my website might have on an iPhone?

Most websites appear pretty much the same as they would on a regular computer, with a couple exceptions:

  • Because it’s a mobile device, the iPhone uses Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection to browse the web. If your site takes a while to load normally (due to poor coding or numerous images), your visitors will have to wait even longer on an iPhone.
  • Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone or iPod Touch. If your site uses Flash to present information, video content, or for navigation, the Flash portions of your site will not display. If your site is built entirely in Flash, it won’t work at all.

What does my website look like now?

If you’re curious to know what your site looks like, but don’t have an iPhone, send us an e-mail with your website address and we will take a screenshot for you.

Because we’re thorough, type-A folks, we’ll also let you know if there are any obvious problems with your site, how you could benefit from an iPhone optimized website and if this solution is a good fit for you and your business.

Is an iPhone website right for my business?

Good question.

You know your customers and business best. Are your clients and prospects individuals likely to use an iPhone or iPod Touch? Whether you know it or not, the answer is probably yes.

The iPhone and iPod Touch have out-paced competitors and have seen explosive growth in recent months. Based on a January 2009 study conducted by M:Metrics, a mobile-media statistics firm, 84.8 percent of iPhone users access the internet for information through their phone. (Compare 84.8 percent to a mere 13.1 percent of the total mobile market and 58.2 percent of other smartphone owners.) If your clients aren’t using an iPhone already, they probably will be soon.

Bottom line? An iPhone optimized website positions your business to capitalize on the mobile web revolution. But, we’ll be honest when we review your site and discuss your goals. We’ll tell you if we think an iPhone website isn’t best for you.

How much does this cost?

Not to be evasive, but every website is different. We provide customized estimates for each individual project.

The best way to get a price estimate is to call us at 206.618.9216 or send us an e-mail and take us up on our FREE, no-obligation, consultation.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, it can take a few days to a few weeks to build an iPhone optimized version of your website.Complex sites featuring eCommerce or dynamic content (like a blog), for instance, take longer than websites for service-oriented businesses.

Do you support other smartphones?

Currently, we offer website design and optimization solutions for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, the iPod Touch, and mobile phones that run Google’s Android operating system, such as the T-Mobile G1, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Droid.

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We can help you capitalize on the mobile web revolution by creating an iPhone optimized website to complement your current site. When you’re ready to make the most of your business, give us a call at 206.618.9216, or complete our contact form.
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